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People Driven Trends for 2021 and Beyond Keynote

Josh Bersin’s take on the new world of work and latest trends for HR. 

Josh Bersin
Founder and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

Strategies for Leading a Distributed Workforce Panel 

Virtual teams, remote employees, and hybrid workforces are here to stay. So, where do we go from here? Businesses need to rethink everything from how they’re taking care of their people to planning for the unexpected future. We tackle these topics and more in the New World of Work sessions.

Dawn Sharifan
VP of People at Slack

Allison Baum-Gates
General Partner at SemperVirens VC

Andrew Bartlow
CPO at Series B Consulting 

IPO Lessons Learned from People-Driven Companies Panel

Scaling a business is challenging. Scaling and protecting a business during a global pandemic brings a new dimension of complexity. Learn how business leaders have successfully managed growth and prepared for what’s next.

Marilyn Miller
 CPO at Anaplan

Mariana Garavaglia
CPO at Peloton

Dawn Nott
VP of People at Wish

Neil Frye
CPO at Alto Pharmacy 

DEI Success in 2021: From Awareness to Action Panel

Building and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for the new world of work is more important now than ever. Learn how companies are taking their strategy to the next level and moving the needle to accommodate workplace shifts.

Tamika Curry Smith
President at The TCS Group

Maria Barrera
Head of Marketing at ChartHop 

Kathi Enderes
VP, Research at Bersin Academy 

Expanding Mental Health Support for Employees and their Families Panel

The way we think about wellness in the workplace has changed and in large part due to the pandemic. Learn about the new trends in wellness and what’s here to stay even after the pandemic goes away.

David Hanrahan
 CHRO at Eventbrite

Sarahjane Sacchetti
CEO at Cleo 

Andrea Notch-Mayzeles
Workforce Health Consultant at Kaiser

Ellen Meza
Director, Global Benefits & Mobility at DocuSign

Selling to CHROs and CFOs: Best Practices & Insights Panel

Learn what HR leaders really want and how to design and deliver a program their employees can’t resist.

Cara Brennan-Allamano
 SVP of People at Udemy

Jeff Diana
 CPO at Calendly

Scott Buxton
 CFO at HighRadius

Sequoia Update Keynote

Hear the latest from Sequoia on products and programs supporting HR teams today and guiding the path forward.

Michele Floriani
Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Golub