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Executive Education Series

Compensation Strategy for VC-Backed Companies

Our compensation advisors will share key learnings, industry trends, and best practices, as well as the latest market developments and how Sequoia clients are taming the complexity of the comp management process.

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Past Sessions:

Building Resilient Comp Structures in a Shifting Economy 

This session took place April 11th, 2024

To navigate today’s economy, VC-backed companies turn to strategically managing compensation spend to extend runway and control costs. In this live webinar, Sequoia’s comp experts will share considerations for designing a flexible compensation approach that adapts quickly to ever-changing market demands.

Managing Comp Philosophy Drift

This session took place February 2024

You’ve done the good work to establish your comp philosophy, but when the quarterly reports are generated, you see that hiring execution has not followed suit. Regardless of the cause, drifting from the stated comp philosophy invites risks like over hiring and layoffs to surprises in your forecasted burn rate. In this webinar, our comp advisors will talk about the key points of control and measure, and the techniques VC-backed companies use to manage to the plan.  

Refining Your Comp Philosophy for 2024

This session took place February 2024

2024 is already presenting economic challenges for many VC-Backed companies. In our upcoming webinar, our compensation advisors will share how VC-backed companies are creating balanced, market-responsive compensation philosophies that can weather the storm.

Making Annual Planning Easier

This session took place February 2024

Join Sequoia’s comp advisors as they walk through how to switch from a manual approach to headcount planning and hiring execution to a streamlined approach with the right workflows and people analytics.

Carta + Sequoia Total Comp Solution: Get Your Comp Strategy Right

This session took place October 2023

A well-informed compensation plan is foundational for attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent while managing burn rate responsibly.

With the new Carta + Sequoia Total Comp Solution, joint customers can build a comprehensive pay program for their modern workforce. Join our webinar, where you’ll learn how join clients can benefits from this comprehensive solution.

Demystifying Compensation Philosophy

This session took place October 2023

Whether you’re a Finance, Compensation, or HR professional, this webinar will empower you with the knowledge to create a fair and market-competitive compensation program that aligns with your company goals.

Our experts will break down the key elements that make up an effective compensation strategy, explore industry best practices, and provide actionable insights for organizations of all sizes to replicate. We’ll demystify the inner workings of a company-wide compensation philosophy, so you leave with actionable takeaways build one yourself (or review your existing one) and drive people success for your organization.

How to Use Equity to Retain and Recruit When Cash Is Tight

This session took place October 2023

Many CFOs and HR executives are feeling the pressure to stretch their resources and their runway.

Join our webinar that covers how to adjust your equity allocation strategy to balance employee recognition and financial constraints. Our compensation experts spell out different approaches and considerations, as well as how benefits and wages factor into your strategy.

Pay Equity Compliance: How to Protect Your Company

This session took place November 2023

Due to the rapid expansion of pay transparency laws in the last year, companies have been scrambling to navigate the nuanced requirements.

In this webinar, Sequoia’s legal and compliance advisors will share the latest developments in the compliance landscape, how companies are being affected, and how organizations we work with are protecting themselves from pay equity litigation. You’ll also gain a preview of how leaders are leveraging the Sequoia People Platform to protect their company from compliance risk.

5 KPIs That Prove the Effectiveness of Your Total Comp Program

This session took place November 2023

Whether for your board, your C-team, or yourself, illustrating the effectiveness and impact of your comp program is too often a complex and tedious task for even the sagest CFOs.

Our compensation experts will provide their vital KPIs applied in presenting and discussing comp strategy effectiveness with business leaders and board rooms.

Comp Management for a Geographically Dispersed Workforce

This session took place November 2023

With the workforce becoming increasingly global, companies need to better understand different geographies, talent marketplaces, and most importantly, the nuances of compensation strategies and pay levels across the globe.

Join our compensation advisors as they share the approaches and considerations that our many geographically dispersed clients are applying to their compensation programs to “win” the war on talent. We’ll also provide valuable insights on how Sequoia clients are using the Sequoia People Platform to understand, assess, plan, and implement an effective global compensation strategy.

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