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Sequoia Webinar

How Startups Build Investor Confidence with a Smart Total Rewards Strategy

When 75% of your total spend is on your employee total rewards (compensation, benefits, and perks), investors want to see a smart and scalable approach to getting the most out of your investment in people.

How startup leaders communicate their philosophy and plan for attracting and retaining key talent, managing cash and equity burn, and staying strategically focused is key to building confidence in current and future investments.

In this 45-minute webinar, our advisors will share important dos and don’ts of how to address this with investors, including:

  • What people spend insights investors are looking for
  • What builds confidence and what erodes it
  • Getting buy-in on your people-related growth strategy, burn rate, and overall plan
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Webinar sneak peek:

“If you are aggregating the information to deliver to the board and you have numerous stakeholders presenting different information, there’s confusion, and it takes too long to put your board deck together, that is a clear sign that there is not a good decision-making framework. Having a strong process around how startup leaders think about, analyze, optimize, and deliver their people data is absolutely critical.” – Thanh Nguyen, Head of VC Practices at Sequoia and previous startup founder

Speakers included: