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Sequoia Blog

{Updated} PCORI Fee Reminder

Updated 6/30/2016 – PCORI Fee Due 8/1/2016 The deadline for the PCORI fee is fast approaching.  All fees must be paid by 8/1/2016 (since 7/31/2016 is a Sunday this year).  To determine whether your company is required to pay the fee, please refer to the section... read more

How to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams

Research shows that diversity on teams and in leadership creates better business outcomes: greater market share, innovation, and revenue. That’s much easier said than done. Organizations need to both effectively advance diverse employees to positions of... read more

How to Build a Learning Culture

Research shows that companies with a learning culture outperform companies that don’t support ongoing growth and development. But what exactly is a learning culture? And what does it take to build one? On Tuesday, March 29th, Sequoia held an event focused on How... read more

Los Angeles Paid Sick Leave

Beginning 7/1/2016, Los Angeles employers with 26+ employees will be subject to the Los Angeles paid sick leave ordinance in addition to the existing California paid sick leave law. Employers with 25 or fewer employees will have until 7/1/2017 to become compliant. The... read more

Vermont Paid Sick Leave

Vermont signed House Bill 187, making it the fifth state in the nation to mandate paid sick leave. The law is effective 1/1/2017 for most employers and it will require them to provide up to at least 24 hours (three days) of paid sick leave in a 12 month period to... read more

Minneapolis Paid Sick Leave

On 5/27/2016, the City of Minneapolis passed an ordinance mandating all employers to provide paid sick leave to their Covered Employees. The ordinance will be effective 1/1/2017. Covered Employers All employers with 6+ employees, regardless of location, will be... read more

2017 HSA and HDHP Limits

On 4/28/2016, the IRS released Revenue Procedure 2016-28, which announced the new 2017 health savings account (HSA) contribution and high-deductible health plan (HDHP) limits. 2017 Annual HSA Contribution Limits $3,400 for self-only coverage under a HDHP (increase of... read more