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Today’s HR and benefits solutions typically exist in silos, limiting your ability to impact business performance and serve employee needs. In contrast, the Sequoia People Platform and unified suite of services help you proactively see, understand, and act on your people strategy so you can adapt quickly to changing business priorities and empower your people to do more with their total rewards.

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Total People Investment

Sequoia is the proven partner to help you deliver on a total rewards strategy that reflects the value you place in your people.

Total Rewards Advisory

As one of your largest expenses, your business depends on getting the total rewards experience right for your people. Our expert advisors will guide your strategy.
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As one of your biggest business expenses, you can’t afford to get healthcare benefits wrong. Sequoia has decades of experience helping people-driven companies get it right.
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Stop chasing what’s cool. We’ll help you navigate the market and build a meaningful program that holistically supports your people’s physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. 
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From 401(k) provisions to financial wellness tools, we see supporting financial security as a critical part of how you care for your people.
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Global Benefits

Active in over 130 countries, we offer unparalleled expertise in expanding your workforce and coordinating your benefits programs around the world.  
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We’ll take the guesswork out of compliance with expert guidance and resources to help you understand and meet your obligations. 
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HR & Payroll Outsourcing

With Sequoia One, you get a rich benefits package rarely attainable by small companies and a dedicated HR and payroll team so you can redirect energy and resources to what matters most. 
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Workplace Management

Sequoia is in a unique position to help your business adapt to a hybrid work experience with a comprehensive workplace management solution.
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Risk Management

Together we assess the risks your business is facing, anticipate future risk, and develop a plan that protects you and your people. 
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Uncover ways to make deep business impact

Need to make a better impression in the boardroom? We’ve got your back with the metrics that matter most at a strategic level. Sequoia HRX arms you with high-definition visibility into your programs, enhanced benchmarking for deeper context, and actionable insights from our team so you can confidently support executive-level decisions at a moment’s notice.

Our partnership with Sequoia has been invaluable. They’ve helped us scale our US and international benefits, overhaul the 401(k) program, and been true advocates for our employees. We appreciate their unique expertise with technology companies and value them as a trusted advisor.”

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