The Grove Sessions

Don’t miss this webinar series focused on the best practices of people-first companies! We’ll bring the data, domain experts, and thought leaders, you bring the hard questions, the idea sharing, and experiences. Together, we’ll advance the people-first category.

Upcoming Sessions

Onboarding Strategies During Social Distancing

Tuesday, March 31 • 11:00-12:00 PT

This session will cover best practices for creating an effective onboarding program during this period of social distancing and a remote workforce.

David Huebner, Founder & Principal, Lalo Consulting
Dan Smolkin, Head of People Ops, AuroraSolar
Mike Podobnik, VP Talent & EE, Confluent
Stef Lippi, Manager, EE & Ops, Sequoia (Moderator)

Supporting Employee Mental Health During COVID-19

Thursday, April 2, 11:00-12:00 PT 

This session will cover best practices and strategies for reducing and preventing employee stress.

April Koh, Co-founder & CEO, Spring Health
James Pratt, Leadership Coach, Reflective Management
Karan Singh, Co-founder & COO,
Shannon Arens, Wellbeing Consultant, Sequoia (Moderator)

More Upcoming Sessions 

Details Coming Soon!

  • HR Leaders Preparing for the Next Decade of HR
  • First Look: New Healthcare & Wellness Tech
  • Compliance Confidence: 2020 Essentials 
  • First Look: New in Workforce Tech  
  • 2020 Retirement Safeguards & Trends 
  • Distributed Workforce 3.0: What Happens Next?
  • Strategies for Determining Your Total People Investment
  • What VCs are Looking for Now 
  • Give It To Me Straight: How HR & CFOs Want to be Sold To 
  • VC Leverage: Creating Value for your Portfolio Companies 
  • Creating a Social Impact Program

Past Session Recordings

Diversity & Inclusion: Moving Towards Meaningful Change

This session covers best practices for driving meaningful change in your organization through your D&I program.

Torin Perez, D&I Consultant & Speaker, Globally Bold LLC
Steven Huang, Equitable Design & Impact Lead, Culture Amp
Brie Forhecz, Sr. HR Business Partner, Sequoia (Moderator)

HR Strategies & Tactics to Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19

This session covers best practices for operating during this time of uncertainty and heightened awareness of serious health concerns.

Preparing for the Next Decade of HR

Part of this year’s keynote address, this session covers a discussion with HR thought leaders about how HR’s function will evolve in the next 10 years.

Huggy Rao, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Michael Ross, Board Member, HR Tech Investor, Former CHRO
Michele Floriani, CMO, Sequoia (Moderator)

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