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SNEAK PEEK: 2024 Benefits Benchmarking Report Enterprise Edition

Did you miss out on participating in our 2024 benefits benchmarking survey, aka the only way to get a copy of the full report on how fast-growing tech companies are designing employee benefits this year?

Don’t worry, you haven’t completely missed out.

Download the Sneak Peek of this year’s report and get a selection of healthcare, wellbeing, retirement, and people policy insights, including how enterprise tech companies are:

  • Optimizing their PPO plans
  • Managing the first year of self-funding
  • Designing wellbeing, fertility, and retirement plans
  • Implementing leave policies

And if you want one of Sequoia’s experienced consultants to benchmark your benefits program against this year’s data, head over here.

2024 Benefits Benchmarking Report Sneak Peek, Enterprise Edition
Download the Sneak Peek of the 2024 Benefits Benchmarking Report, Enterprise Edition.