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2021 Benchmarking Report Sneak Peek:

Domestic Healthcare & Income Protection

This Sneak Peek compiles data from 680 companies around their domestic healthcare programs, including:

  • Funding Arrangements
  • Costs and Contributions
  • Plan Designs: Health, Dental and Vision
  • Additional Healthcare Benefits
  • Advanced Family Planning Resources (Egg Freezing, IVF, Adoption, and Surrogacy Benefits)
  • Life Insurance and Disability Benefits

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Benefits flexibility and the platform to bring it all together

Sequoia is the partner people-first companies turn to when it’s business-critical to get healthcare benefits right. We put the data, insights, and guidance at your fingertips so you can make smarter choices with your Sequoia team about healthcare spend and make sure your programs serve the needs of your people and your business.  

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