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Season of Giving 2023

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Write a virtual letter to an individual feeling isolated or facing a difficult life situation during the holidays.

How to Participate

More Love Letters is an organization that exists to remind people they matter in a world that often makes them feel unseen. Join our community in writing a letter to someone feeling isolated or facing a difficult life situation.

Read the below stories of this month’s letter recipients, choose whom to write to, and click “Submit a Letter” to send your words of hope and encouragement! You may write to one, many, or all recipients, but letters must be submitted one at a time. All submissions will be printed on cheerful stationery and mailed to their letter recipients at the end of the month.


Nominated by care receiver’s daughter

Theresa is a caregiver hired to help with an elderly mother who recently had a stroke. Theresa catches the busy Los Angeles bus and travels an hour each way to help the family. Two weeks after she began, her sister unexpectedly passed away. However, Theresa did not take time off. In fact, she hardly ever takes a day off, working seven days a week caring for others. Even when another sister passed away months ago, she only took one week off. Two losses in one year is a lot for one person to handle.

Theresa constantly goes above and beyond, and she could use some love sent her way as she deals with loss and works to find space to care for herself as she cares for others.

Theresa enjoys relaxing, laughing, eating popcorn, and crossword puzzles.


Nominated by a close friend

Prism is one of the kindest, most generous people you’ll ever meet. Whenever she talks with her friends, she is always considerate and intentional – asking whether they need validation or reassurance for anything.

Prism has been through so much lately, including a major surgery. She often worries about whether she’s a good person and if her and her needs are too much for the people she loves. Cards have been a way for her friends to reassure her, and receiving handwritten love from people all over the world is going to be a beautiful and special way of making Prism feel validated and reassured herself.

Prism loves the Pokémon Eevee and is collecting all the Eevee and “eeveelution” cards. She’s also a major fan of butterflies, pickles, and cutting-edge tech, like AI.


Nominated by her sister

Abbey is autistic and lives in a very small town where not many people want to be friends with people who have special needs. She is 30 years old but is at the level of an 8-10 year old. She was close friends with a neighbor girl who was about 10 years old, and they loved to play with dolls and stuffed animals. However, that neighbor is now 15 years old and has different interests than Abbey, so she doesn’t visit much anymore – if at all. Abbey is feeling like she doesn’t matter and that she isn’t worthy of friends. So, let’s share some love with her and help her know that she matters!

Abbey loves books and going to the library, weather and weather disaster movies (such as Twister and Dante’s Peak), and really likes to do sticker books. She is also a fan of the Green Bay Packers.


Nominated by her partner

Cristina is a sweet, young woman who has worked as a social worker in health services with newborns and kids for eight years. Due to a poor work environment, she is now changing jobs in November for a completely new office job. She doubts that she is enough for this new path, and fears that she will not be helpful for babies and their parents or as impactful as before. So, let’s show her that she is enough just the way she is.

Cristina likes comedic movies and books, cakes, pastries, and everything sweet. She also likes mountains, hiking, and occasionally climbing. She loves dancing – especially mambo, bachata, and salsa.

Letters are welcome in English and Italian.