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401(k) Nondiscrimination Testing

Designed for Sequoia 401(k) clients with Fidelity

Thursday, January 14th 11-12 PT

Listen to the Sequoia 401(k) and Fidelity Investments Team discuss annual non-discrimination testing (NDT) required for all 401(k) Plans. Topics covered in this session included: 

  • Overview of NDT and its implications
  • NDT & Safe Harbor Plans
  • Upcoming important dates
  • Working through NDT with Fidelity
  • Support & resources

Jason Aceituno, 401(k) Client Consultant, at Sequoia
Daniel Macias, VP at Fidelity
Gerrick Hardy, Compliance Analyst at Fidelity
Tom O’Rourke, Sr. Compliance Consultant at Fidelity