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User Feedback

The Sequoia Employee Advocate team takes service seriously. Our mission is to make life easier for employers and employees alike. But don’t take our word for it. Here is just some of the feedback we get from our valued users:

“The experience was helpful, and I would definitely use the advocate team in the future.” NOV 10, 2014

Feedback Count: 132

“Yes Sarah Mercado provided me quality answers. She really coordinated well to solve the issue.” AUG 24, 2016

“Yes – as someone who is new to insurance (having been in the military system my entire life), George walked me through this process and helped me understand how things work!” AUG 17, 2016

“Yes, Kristine not only answered my question in a very timely manner – She also anticipated other difficulties I was having surrounding my question and proactively resolved them for me (before I ever asked). Very awesome. I’m grateful.” AUG 11, 2016

“Keith was wonderful! Very helpful and poignant.” AUG 5, 2016

“Cindy was great! Provided the requested information within 24 hours.” AUG 10, 2016

“Margaret was knowledgeable and very prompt with her responses.” JUL 26, 2016

“I needed a quick enrollment into our benefits scheme. The Namely site was down. Karina moved quickly, answered all my questions and got me coverage in about an hour. Amazingly good service.” JUL 25, 2016

“The advocate was able to understand the issue and the urgency and provided immediate response and resolution. Communication was clear and thorough.” JUL 22, 2016

“Darrel provided prompt and helpful response, thank you!” JUL 20, 2016

“Benefits are considered to be confidential information at my company, so talking about them or discussing them openly would be challenging. However, in the most general terms, yes, I would recommend Sequoia… and have!” JUL 6, 2016

“Irene has been so helpful! I was processing an out of network claim and between helping me figure out how to fill out the paperwork and tracking down the claim when it appeared that nothing was happening with it she saved me so much time and headaches!” OCT 27, 2015

“Every time I contact the benefits department with George – I get the answers that I need to the questions that I have that allow me to set up the benefits for our family! Thank you so very much!” JAN 7, 2016

“Health care benefits and issues for an employees family or even the employee can be extremely stressful and time consuming to resolve. The Client Advocate Team quickly brings resolution and this stress level down.” NOV 11, 2015

“Rapid response, quick resolution, and follow up beyond what I expected. Kudos to Darrel!” May 20, 2016

“Keith was very professional and conveyed a genuine interest in helping me through my issue.” NOV 30, 2015

“Shantel really helped me out by investigating a complex issue and probably saved me a few hours of valuable time in the process. Because of her help, I was able to focus on my work without worrying about spending time on the phone with insurance companies.” NOV 20, 2015

“Genalyn was not only prompt in responding to my needs and emails, but the way in which she communicated was thoughtful and courteous.” OCT 28, 2015

“All praise to Cindy Le. She provided phenomenal service, worked hard to understand my issue, and went above and beyond for results.”
APR 12, 2016

“Chrissa and her team are always super fast in answering my questions by phone or via email with great information and help.” FEB 24, 2015

“Jacky was great in helping me add my wife/child to my plans after her loss of coverage!” OCT 5, 2015

“Overall, great experience. Eddie got back to me within an hour and answered my question.” NOV 11, 2015

“Keith is extremely kind and communicative. His help was greatly appreciated! Though I hope I don’t have to call in again, if I ever do, I will be much more at ease knowing that you guys are here to support us. ” SEP 22, 2015

“I really want you to know how dedicated Jacqueline is to her work; she made sure that we were being listened to. Jacqueline not only answered all of my questions and concerns, but she made this case personal and made sure that our deal was resolved. This had been an on-going issue for over a year.” SEP 15, 2015

“Eddie provided a level of service in this situation that I have never received from a health provider. I am beyond impressed with how he handled the situation and helped bring it to a positive outcome. ” SEP 7, 2015

“Irene was very diligent and resourceful. She made sure my request was expedited and delivered in less time than I had expected. She was also personable and professional. I would highly recommend my co-workers to contact the Client Advocate Team.” AUG 12, 2015

“The information provided by Jacqueline was very helpful as I was making my medical insurance decision. It was worth it to ask for help.” Sep 9, 2015

“Genalyn was very helpful and contacted both the hospital and the insurer to make sure everything was cleared up. It was a huge time-saver for me and my wife, as we’ve been confused playing the middlemen in the claims process for our daughter’s birth.” Sep 9, 2015

“Awesome! I’m more than happy and appreciate all the help and great support from Sequoia, especially from our advocate, Sarah. Your services are excellent and wonderful–please keep it forever!” JUL 30, 2015

“Please do everything you can to keep Jacqueline at your company. If your other client advocates are as attentive, efficient, and personable as Jacqueline… wow! She has completely changed my mind about insurance companies.” JUL 17, 2015

“Jacqueline was simply beyond awesome. She had a very take-charge and get-it-done attitude when I had issues getting my husband on my health plan. She got him added in a couple of hours. Huge relief to me. Saved me tons of gripe. She is a keeper!” JUL 2, 2015

“Irene did some great investigating into my questions regarding both my doctor’s medical group and my health insurance to make sure my doctor was in-network and helped provide the information I needed to finalize my enrollment.” JUL 27, 2015

“George is awesome. I like how efficient the client advocates at Sequoia are. I requested this same information twice from my insurance carrier and got something which did not help. In just one day, George got me what I needed very quickly.” JUL 25, 2015

“Best thing ever! There’s no way I could find such detailed information on a website. The old do-it-yourself way really made things impossible for us; I really like emailing someone and getting a direct answer. Thanks!” JUL 7, 2015

“Keith was very helpful in promptly finding the information for me and responding to my questions – especially as this is out of his territory. Thanks for the great customer service!” JUN 2, 2015

“George was clear and prompt with his replies and delivered results exactly when he said he would.” JUN 5, 2015

“Margaret has been amazing both from an employee’s point-of-view and an administrator’s point-of-view. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient! We’d be lost without her help!” JUN 18, 2015

“Since I started last week, my employee advocate, Jill, has been amazing. She has been willing and able to help me out with all sorts of questions, and she has done it with a delightful attitude! She’s been a real pleasure to work with.” JUN 1, 2015

“Genalyn was patient and thorough in her investigation of my issue. She worked directly with the Blue Cross team so I didn’t have to. It was a relief to have someone help take care of this for me so I didn’t have to sit on the phone all day with BCBS. Thanks!” JUN 2, 2015

“I was in a real pinch today, and every single question I had was answered quickly. Margaret even remembered how to spell my last name – she’s amazing!” JAN 30, 2014

“Marisa was an amazing help to me in my time of need. She was super knowledgeable on every question I asked and walked me through the entire process. I am truly appreciative of her help.” DEC 15, 2014

“Keith answered all my questions thoroughly and in a very timely manner, which was of the utmost help. Now I can be confident I am making the best benefit elections.” DEC 11, 2014

“Natacha did a great job researching and providing me the answers that I needed before I could schedule an appointment with a physician. Thank you for your kind assistance – much appreciated.” DEC 4, 2014

“I’m a new employee with a spouse who needed to fill a prescription shortly after I submitted our paperwork. Keith was thoroughly professional in expediting the matter, for which I am grateful. Thanks for being such an effective advocate!” DEC 13, 2014

“Tiffany did an awesome job working with our team. Changing benefit providers can be a painful process, but Tiffany made the transition smooth. She was very, very helpful.” JUL 1, 2014

“Margaret was extremely helpful in getting me a temporary ID card as well as putting in a request for a new hard copy version. Her quick, informed responses to my situation spoke bounds for her friendly demeanor and confidence.” AUG 27, 2014

“Margaret was excellent and efficient in helping me obtain the information I was looking for. She had me squared away in less than 30 minutes, and I am very grateful for her help!” JAN 13, 2014

“Margaret deserves kudos for taking extra steps to resolve my problem, which was caused by my change of health insurance carriers. She called both carriers and helped me receive a timely referral number for a critical doctor’s appointment.” JUN 4, 2014

“Julie was fast, responsive, and very helpful. She went above and beyond by calling a 3rd party to address my issues. Really appreciated!” APR 14, 2014

“I experienced excellent service from start to finish. Not only did I end up with a positive outcome, but I was never in the dark along the way and knew my situation was being handled.” JUL 22, 2014

“I am very pleased with the excellent customer service I received– what I needed help with may seem like nothing to some, but getting the right information the first time you ask for it (no matter what was asked), that’s a good thing!” JUN 18, 2014

“Keith delivered the exact answers that I needed. Medical issues are so sensitive and always come with a great deal of emotional complexities. Keith is respectful of this and his prompt reply and professionalism helped put me at ease.” JUL 16, 2014

“Great experience. I originally left a message but got a call back very soon, and the advocate was helpful, friendly and efficient. Great interaction! I feel confident that if I need further assistance, I will get the help I need.” JUL 25, 2014

“George was super helpful. He was able to take my confused questions and help guide me to the proper end result that I was hoping for.” JUL 26, 2014

“George saved my sanity this morning! I had a number of questions about some bills I received and he volunteered to do research for me. Whatever my company is paying for someone like George, it is well spent!” MAR 5, 2014

“George has been very helpful with communication and follow-up on multiple issues I’ve had for my son and myself – very much appreciated!” MAR 26, 2014

“Eddie was extremely helpful and responded in a very timely matter. After I sent him my first email, my issue was resolved in less than 2 hours.” AUG 13, 2014

“Eddie was VERY patient and helpful with my MANY questions and did an excellent job of explaining the benefits to me. He also was very prompt in taking care of a situation I had. His follow through is greatly appreciated.” JUL 28, 2014

“Cindy was very pleasant and helpful. She followed through and kept me informed every step of the way. It was much appreciated. Thanks, Cindy!” AUG 14, 2014

“Eddie provided a detailed response quickly, with an answer tailored to my question that I couldn’t have found elsewhere. Much appreciated!” AUG 21, 2014

“I was impressed with the quick response every time I asked for an update. I very much appreciate that the client advocate understood the urgency of my request.” JAN 23, 2014

“I have been so very impressed with the customer service given! I never thought I would say this in a lifetime. Thank you all for caring so much and really giving incredible support! Please keep up this great work!” NOV 5, 2014

“Adrienne was truly a pleasure to work with; she was flexible and able to accommodate my schedule to get enrolled in benefits. I would absolutely recommend working with her and the organization to a friend.” JAN 30, 2014

“Marisa was extremely quick and helpful in answering my benefits questions. I emailed her at 4:51 PM, not expecting an answer until the next day, but she responded less than 10 minutes later. She provided great answers, and I really appreciated it!” DEC 5, 2014

“4 o’clock on the last day of open enrollment, and I was still undecided. So I sent a Hail Mary email to the client advocate team, and I got all the answers I needed within half an hour.” DEC 3, 2014

“Julie responds to my questions very timely and professionally. I really enjoy working with her for my questions, and I think she deserves 5-star recognition!” NOV 25, 2014

“George was awesome. Very proactive and patient with me and my problem. We was willing to get on the phone with and without me, hosting several conference calls with the parties involved. George was right there, asking the RIGHT questions.” NOV 26, 2014

“I sent an email with a question about my insurance card and Margaret emailed me right away with a solution. I was impressed!” NOV 26, 2014

“Very friendly and quick! Possibly the best customer service I have received.” NOV 18, 2014

“It’s great to be able to call and have a dedicated person who knows our insurance answer. That’s Keith. Thank you!” NOV 22, 2014

“I can always count on Nicole, our employee advocate, to help answer my benefit questions. She is always available to help me when an issue with my plan comes up.” JAN 7, 2014

“You guys are amazing! Honestly, this is the kind of service that makes me motivated enough to actually take the survey and tell you to keep it up!” OCT 6, 2014

“Great, fast service from George, which solved my problem. He also followed up with a quick phone call and email. Thanks George!” OCT 3, 2014

“Natacha was super fast in replying to my urgent time sensitive questions, which was great! She also provided very thorough answers to each of my questions.” SEP 29, 2014

“George did a great job in getting me the information I requested. He followed up by setting up a conference call between my insurance carrier and my dentist’s office.” SEP 29, 2014

“Julie provided the information in a very timely manner, which was greatly appreciated since my dependent was at the doctor’s office for an appointment and needed it for the paperwork.” OCT 8, 2014

“Keith was awesome and very clear and specific with his answers, as well as really helpful in a manner that was both personable and professional.” OCT 7, 2014

“Eddie was awesome and took care of my issue promptly and without incident. I was totally satisfied. Thanks!” OCT 3, 2014

“Keith was very thorough in his response and did an excellent job explaining the outcomes and consequences of each situation I was inquiring about.” OCT 3, 2014

“Marisa was fantastic and helped me get set up really quickly for an important medical matter! Thank you!” OCT 2, 2014

“The person I worked with was very helpful and reassuring–well-informed and delivered the needed information in a concise manner.” SEP 30, 2014

“George communicated and kept me updated in a timely manner. He had not seen this problem before but was able to recreate it. He then did some investigation offline, and emailed me steps that I needed.” OCT 25, 2014

“As a newcomer to the USA, I really appreciated the help of Eddie on the Client Advocate Team as I navigate the complicated landscape of private medical insurance and Type 1 diabetes. I feel I can ask more questions whenever I need to. A big thank you!” OCT 23, 2014

“Eddie was very helpful throughout the entire process. He answered questions quickly and helped each step of the way.” SEP 25, 2014

“Eddie was really quick and thorough. My questions and concerns were attended to and answered in a timely fashion.” SEP 18, 2014

“I received a speedy response within the hour. Also, Julie provided two possible solutions, which I find incredibly helpful.” SEP 10, 2014

“Natacha was very helpful and timely with her response. I am very happy with her work and would definitely recommend calling the client services team to any of my coworkers. Thanks Natascha!” SEP 25, 2014

“Marisa was very timely in answering my questions. She took a lot of stress away from dealing with the bills.” SEP 25, 2014

“Natacha was awesome! After a scary morning full of frustrations, she was an angel and provided me with the information I needed right quick. So sweet!” SEP 19, 2014

“The information provided by Cindy was timely, accurate, and helpful. I appreciate the quick response and the thoroughness of the answer.” SEP 15, 2014

“Margaret was very helpful and provided the best service.” SEP 11, 2014

“Eddie had excellent communication skills and even researched a unique issue I had before quickly offering me options. Really good experience!” SEP 11, 2014

“Marisa is really helpful and awesome! She just makes health benefits easier to deal with. If not for her, I would have been lost, and may have lost a lot of money, too. This service rocks, and it’s because of people like Marisa!” OCT 15, 2014

“Eddie, you’re awesome!! Thank you for your help this week!” SEP 5, 2014

“I’ve had several questions, and while they were fairly simple, Cindy responded with the care and attention normally reserved for complex, sensitive issues. She responded almost immediately and truly seemed pleased to help me. Well done, Cindy!” SEP 5, 2014

“Julie went above and beyond to help me with my questions. She also got us what we needed as soon as possible. We thank her for her great customer service!” SEP 4, 2014

“Marisa responded very quickly and resolved my issue completely.” OCT 22, 2014

“The highest quality information I’ve ever had over a customer service line.” OCT 13, 2014

“Marisa provided excellent service and was prompt and helpful. She took a proactive approach to send out a temporary insurance card. I appreciate the helpful and swift service!” SEP 4, 2014

“Marisa was extremely helpful during my enrollment process. I called right before the deadline requesting a change to my policy. She was very helpful in executing my requests. I am very appreciative and satisfied.” SEP 5, 2014

“Cindy was a great help. I had many questions, and I was provided with answers quickly. I had an emergency situation, and she was able to get me the information I needed by the end of the day! Thank you, Cindy!” SEP 3, 2014

“Awesome service! Julie sent detailed information the first time around, and she was able to quickly complete my request.” OCT 13, 2014

“Excellent service! I received exactly what I needed, and in great time!” OCT 13, 2014

“Great support and a quick response from Cindy. I am very happy with the service of the Client Advocate Team!” OCT 15, 2014

“George was very helpful in answering my individual, one-off questions. His response was very timely and helpful!” OCT 28, 2014

“I really appreciate the very prompt responses to my emails!” OCT 28, 2014

“Eddie is amazing! He responded to all my questions promptly and provided excellent customer service.” NOV 5, 2014

“Julie was great – she helped me better understand the Daycare Reimbursement (FSA) benefit and its processes and considerations.” NOV 5, 2014

“Cindy was GREAT! She was very quick at getting back to me and assisting with what was needed. THANKS!” OCT 13, 2014

“Great experience! I was able to quickly make the changes that I needed to my account, and I am now back to my day-to-day work responsibilities. Thanks!” OCT 28, 2014

“Eddie is very helpful and personable. I feel confident that I will have a good and painless experience when I work with Eddie. Thanks!” OCT 28, 2014

“Keith is really helpful in digging into my complicated claims and sorting everything out.” NOV 13, 2014

“Prompt and warm response. Problem was solved in a short time. Thanks, Margaret!” NOV 13, 2014

“Keith provided a very timely and complete response to my question.” NOV 13, 2014

“I interact with Julie on a regular basis, and she always provides quality answers to me and other employees at my company. Julie is very knowledgeable and demonstrates superior customer service.” MAY 1, 2014

“Keith provided first class support and was very proactive in helping me solve my issues.” OCT 28, 2014

“Upon starting my new job, I needed to have a medical benefits ID card sent to me quicker than usual in order for my wife to make it to an appointment. Marisa has been extremely helpful in fast-tracking it and was able to have everything provisioned.” NOV 12, 2014

“I got a response within the day, and they helped me out when I made an error with my enrollment.” NOV 15, 2014

“I hadn’t received my insurance card yet (newer hire) and had a doctor’s appointment today. I called yesterday and Marisa was extremely helpful in: 1)rushing my documentation to my insurance to get it processed; and 2)getting the info to me in a timely fashion.” NOV 12, 2014

“Julie Borges is awesome! She really worked super hard to get this very tricky matter resolved, and I definitely appreciate it.” NOV 10, 2014

“Julie was so responsive and provided exactly the information needed for us to make a decision on benefits.” NOV 10, 2014

“The experience was helpful, and I would definitely use the advocate team in the future.” NOV 10, 2014

“Eddie was really great. He took the time and got back to me with great answers to my long list of questions well in time for me to make my selections.” NOV 10, 2014

“Thank you Nicole, for always lending a helping hand.” JUL 6, 2014

“She was very helpful, answering my questions promptly and ensuring that my wife is covered under my insurance plan.” JUL 3, 2014

“With it being so hard to get an answer from my medical customer service, I am glad Nicole was able to help me when I truly need it. Thanks so much!” JAN 8, 2014

“Perfect and timely! Answered all of my questions and provided resources for those he couldn’t answer specifically.” MAY 22, 2014

“I called in and Nicole was able to talk to the CVS about my issue and really helped me to not have to pay out of my own wallet.” JAN 8, 2014

“Julie was very helpful with all my questions! And quick! Thanks Julie!” NOV 17, 2014

“Eddie was super helpful, and was quick to research my problem and give me a follow-up call.” NOV 8, 2014

“Keith helped me with two major questions in 2 days and he was very informative, thorough and patient with me. Two thumbs up!” NOV 6, 2014

“When faced with an unusual situation on the provider website, Margaret steered me toward the workaround and answered all of my concerns.” NOV 6, 2014

“Natacha was very helpful. I’m impressed with her level of service and think she should be recognized for it.” FEB 6, 2014