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Since 2019, Wix’s footprint in North America has more than doubled in size, surpassing 1,000 employees in the United States. Throughout that time, Ana Victoria Hill, Wix’s Compensation and Benefits Manager for the Americas, has partnered with Sequoia to establish high quality benefits offerings, manage the complexities of operating eight locations across the country, and most importantly, meet diverse employee needs.

Expanding benefits with mental health offerings

In the summer of 2020, with the company growing so quickly and Wix’s 2021 benefits renewal fast approaching, Ana needed to dive deep into all of the data available to her to see what offerings were performing well and what could be improved.

“We used Sequoia’s benchmarking insights to see what other companies were doing, but also to see the aggregated data of our employee utilization – what were they using the most, and what was less important to them,” Ana said.

Though Wix offers employees free healthcare, Ana noticed that their wellbeing offerings, particularly for mental health, were not as strong as they could have been. Based on Sequoia’s suggestion, Ana partnered with Ginger, which now provides Wix employees with on-demand, chat-based therapy.

Ana said, “Sequoia was a true partner in identifying where we were not meeting our standards and what we needed to do to address those gaps. They helped us find an external solution that has reduced the load on our HR team and provided a much better experience for our employees.”

Sequoia was a true partner in identifying where we were not meeting our standards and what we needed to do to address those gaps.

Empowering employees with education

Between the company’s massive growth, an open enrollment with big changes, and the majority of employees working from home, Wix knew that the biggest challenge to maximizing the value of its total rewards package would be empowering employees to actually use the offerings.

“It’s much harder to have personal conversations with people when we’re all distributed, so we needed new ways to drive education to help our population understand their benefits,” Ana explained. “During open enrollment, Sequoia took the time to help us prepare the material for the company-wide presentations, but also hosted 60 one-on-one meetings over the course of two days to answer personal questions and make sure employees felt confident in their decisions.”

In addition to educating employees on their healthcare offerings, Wix leverages Sequoia to help employees better plan for their retirement.

“Not only does the Sequoia Retirement Team help us with 401k administration issues, such as negotiating fees with Fidelity or improving the fee structure for our employees, but they do an amazing job at helping our employees,” Ana said. “Employees can attend Sequoia’s seminars on retirement savings and use financial wellness resources like a personal retirement calculator and even one-on-one meetings with a financial advisor.”

Wix employees also have access to the Sequoia PX mobile app, where they can see their retirement accounts, view their insurance cards, and contact their dedicated Sequoia employee advocate to help answer questions.

Growing with a trusted partner

Over the past 5 years, Wix and Sequoia have worked together to ensure Wix employees not only receive the best benefits offerings on the market, but also feel empowered to use them. Ana said that as the company continues to grow, she looks forward to finding new ways to improve the company’s package and is confident that she can do so with Sequoia’s help.

“People say that all brokers are the same, but Sequoia has gone above and beyond any level of service I have experienced before. Sequoia is our trusted expert and I know that we’ll be successful by working together.”

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