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People-Driven Success Story

Reciprocity Stays Compliant in a Period of Remote Growth

Reciprocity, Inc. is on a mission to make more innovative governance, risk, and compliance software to helps companies better manage information security. ZenGRC platform is the company’s award-winning modern SaaS solution.




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Reciprocity is known for helping companies manage risk and enable trusted relationships with its technology. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to managing its employee benefits program, its HR team also leverages smart software to stay compliant and aid decision making.

“As a leader in the compliance, governance, and risk industry we have to practice what we preach,” said Cassie Benjamin, Reciprocity’s Human Resources Manager.

Managing compliance

Cassie uses Sequoia’s HRX software to ensure that Reciprocity remains compliant with state and federal laws surrounding employee benefits, particularly as the company has grown to new states across the U.S.

“It’s difficult to find all the different compliance aspects you need to keep track of throughout the year,” Cassie said. “As the person in charge of managing benefits,” she added, “I don’t want to miss deadlines.”

HRX puts all of the information she needs – information that’s reliable and thorough – in one place, she says, and alerts her to deadlines for annual compliance actions, such as sending out Medicare notices, or summaries of plan offerings to employees around open enrollment.

“Sequoia helps us to put that packet together,” Cassie said, compiling all the documents from the carriers for electronic distribution. It has been really helpful in getting all of that out on time.” Reciprocity’s previous benefits administrator was a lot more self-service, simply notifying Benjamin that it was time to put those packets together. “It was a lot more lift on our end to go through that process with no point of contact, no one checking to make sure you did it correctly,” Cassie explained.

“With Sequoia we have a lot more support and a whole team of people we can ask questions of,” added Michelle Berthiaume, Reciprocity’s Director of People and Talent.

 With Sequoia we have a lot more support and a whole team of people we can ask questions of. We think of Sequoia as a trusted partner. 

Navigating benefits across state lines

HRX also has allowed the company to familiarize itself and comply with benefits rules for each state, city, and county, making sure they are being equitable with employees from San Francisco to New Jersey as more remote workers have fanned out across the U.S.

And Sequoia’s benchmarking and surveys help ensure that the company is offering the right package to attract new talent. “It helps us to give a better nationwide plan,” Michelle said, “as we continue to grow remotely.”

Lightening the load

Sequoia’s mobile app, with its database of articles, has also freed up time for Benjamin. Instead of spending what can be hours of fielding benefits questions from employees, they now have access to useful resources available to them wherever they are. “They are able to easily find the answers to their questions about benefits,” she said, as well as print new ID cards, or use a concierge to find a provider. “It takes the burden off of our shoulders and lets us do other things for them instead.”

Overall, Benjamin added, the quality of the experience for employees and the quick-turnaround guidance her team receives, has been valuable in shaping Reciprocity’s benefits program.

“We think of Sequoia as a trusted partner.”

Meet the Client

Cassie Benjamin
Human Resources Manager, Reciprocity

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Sequoia HRX is a solution that combines data-derived intelligence with Sequoia’s expert guidance. It delivers the proactive decision-making power HR leaders need to tie their people investment to better business outcomes.

Compliance Services

The amount of information you need to be aware of as an employer, and the tasks required to stay in compliance, can quickly overwhelm your HR team. That’s where Sequoia steps in. We’ve got your back with the compliance expertise and visibility you need to limit your exposure and proactively keep your people programs on track.

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