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The Team Behind the Tech

We’re building the products that power the world’s savviest employers

Creating products that are used by some of the most exciting companies on the planet is a genuine source of energy and pride for our people. Our clients have amazing ideas, unique strengths, and big ambitions. We match their innovative spirit and add our technology philosophy that leverages Sequoia’s 18-year legacy of guidance and service to build real products that real clients genuinely rely on to improve their employees’ lives.

Sequoia Engineering, Product, and Data Blog

We live for collaboration, solving big problems, and BBQ. Lots of BBQ.

Whether it’s a weekend BBQ with our families, breaking bread at a Friday team lunch, or something as special as celebrating Holi Day in Bangalore, our Products & Technology team embraces the opportunity to make our work meaningful and fun.

If you’re a stickler for technical excellence and want to help build the intelligence engine and mobile experiences that empower the world’s top employers, you’ve got the right DNA to work at Sequoia.

Technology puts us where (and when) people need us most

When we’re supporting some of the planet’s most innovative companies, our own tech products better measure up. At Sequoia, we hold ourselves to a high standard because technology is the key ingredient that helps us come through for our clients whenever and wherever they need us most. Here are are a few of the main components of our technology portfolio. We are always happy to get into the details in a one-on-one conversation.

Sequoia PeopleX
The next-generation design of our successful Sequoia Mobile App, this multi-channel experience gives employees and their families a single place to go for health and wellbeing benefits and HR applications tied to the employer experience. It ensures easy access, personalized guidance, and support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Sequoia HRX Portal
Our portal is designed to bring together many of HR’s tools in one place, creating a platform for key organizational and investment insights to be pulled from otherwise transactional tools. HRX is also the access point to other key Sequoia products like:

  • Sequoia Collab Center
  • Sequoia Global
  • Sequoia Ben Admin
  • Sequoia WorkLife
  • Sequoia Benchmarking

Sequoia Canopy (Integration and Service Orchestration)
In order to make magic happen in the Sequoia HRX and PeopleX experiences, lots of magic has to come together on the back end. Sequoia Canopy is our internal technology stack and team-facing toolset that masters an ecosystem worth of data integration, security, service lifecycle processes, and inputs.

What it means to us.

We’re not only making the employment experience better for our clients, we’re living the promise every day in our offices around the world. At work and at play, our team members take our mission to heart and help us create a rich culture we’re extremely proud of.

Sequoia flies under the radar on the spectrum of technology companies. Most people don’t realize we’re developing pretty cutting edge products that transform the employee experience for some of the coolest companies around globe. In my book, that makes us pretty cool too.


Integration Technology

Sequoia has a great culture and I love the opportunities they provide in the analytics space. We challenge ourselves to rethink what’s valuable to our clients and go above and beyond to deliver. I have grown so much and am excited to be a part of the team building products that genuinely improve people’s lives.


Data Analytics

At Sequoia, we are building innovative products by digging deeper into the technology and providing solutions to make people’s lives better. I love working at a company with great culture. And here, at Sequoia, we are cultivating one global team across continents to achieve our mission.