In light of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, many employers are now considering various options to help support their people’s access to healthcare. While travel stipends have been one of the most discussed topics, there are also many other ways companies can support the physical and emotional health of their people during difficult moments.

Through the Wellbeing Bundles, Sequoia makes it easy for employers to offer a variety of these health benefits, combining multiple partners into one convenient package. Here’s how our partners can help you support holistic employee wellbeing moving forward.

Reproductive Rights & Family Planning Support


Carrot is the only global end-to-end clinical solution for lifelong fertility care. Carrot is currently offering support for the following:

  • Emotional support
  • Travel related expenses
  • Education and communication
  • Compliance and taxation
  • Privacy
  • Timely care navigation


Accessibility to instant support is key for your employees right now. Galileo is a digital medical practice that makes primary care affordable and accessible, as 24/7 virtual help is available. Galileo currently provides the following:

  • Contraception and care management
  • Easy access to care
  • Referrals for in-person insertion of LARC
  • Emergency contraception

One Medical

One Medical provides 24/7 on-demand care to support your employees. Booking same and next-day appointments from their phone, your employees have the choice to go to one of their comfortably designed offices or meet with medical professional virtually.


Cleo is a proactive resource to help employees throughout all stages of family planning. Cleo provides families access to a dedicated guide whether that be a doula, midwife, social worker, or therapist, to support them throughout all the life phases of their family planning journey. Cleo’s evidence-based programs help fill the gaps working families face, like finding daycare and having prenatal support as a working mother.


Rightway and their healthcare navigation system helps your employees find high quality care at a lower cost. Rightway also reduces employer pharmacy spend, as they are a member-centric pharmacy benefit manager.

Mental Health


Ginger is a resource that provides quick and easy access to mental health coaching in text-based and video-based formats. This fully confidential process can help employees relieve the toll taken on their emotional and mental health.

Spring Health

Getting help for mental health can be easier when its accessible at the touch of a button. Spring Health is an organization that eliminates barriers to mental health. These barriers can be stigma, confusion, misdiagnosis, financial barriers, access issues, or trial and error. In response to Roe v. Wade, Spring Health is offering same-day critical response packages, which include:

  • Customer support
  • Templated emails for employees
  • Mental health guides for individuals
  • Tips and guides for parents
  • Small group conversations for individuals, parents, and women

Spring Health’s technology can match your employee with a mental healthcare provider within 24 hours.


Stress and sleep have a huge impact on productivity. With Headspace, a variety of meditation sessions geared toward specific goals are available at your fingertips. A quick way to implement meditation in the workplace would be to start meetings off with a quick headspace session.

Providing access to these benefits help your employees feel supported, reassured, and powerful when confronted with challenges. On our Sequoia People Platform, you’ll be able to roll out these benefits to your employees with a few simple clicks. These organizations are all accessible as add-on solutions on the Sequoia People Platform. Learn more about our Wellbeing Bundles here.

Kaleana Quibell — Kaleana is the VP, Wellbeing and Platform Partners for Sequoia, helping advise clients on strategies to support employees’ Physical, Emotional, and Financial wellbeing. In her free time, Kaleana enjoys yoga, the outdoors, and spending time with her family and puppy.