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The following confession may not seem like a big revelation, and it may not impart any life-changing nuggets of wisdom on you as a reader of our newly-minted blog.  Still, I thought disclosing this little fact would be the best way to introduce this blog, as well as our company, to the interwebs.


We, Sequoia, an employee benefits and insurance consulting firm, are not really in the business of employee benefits or consulting on insurance.  We do it of course, and it helps pay the light bill, but our core business model is quite a bit simpler.

We come through for people, and we go to any length to do so, including starting this blog.

Admittedly, employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement planning may not be the most exciting thing to write about, and it’s certainly not something that goes viral (at least not until we can find a way to incorporate kittens into every post).  But as unexciting as employee benefits might seem, they can be equally confusing, if not more so.

Enter: blog.  We want to make sure the message comes through to you perfectly clear: health insurance, behind the maze of machinery and mystery, is simply about your health.  Retirement planning is just about your money.  Disability benefits, flexibility spending accounts, life insurance. . . these are all about your life and protecting you and those around you.

And at the center of it all, here we are, because we are about you.  This blog is our way of putting faces (one of which is at the bottom of this post) to the sometimes-fuzzy workings of employee benefits and share insights on insurance, healthcare, retirement, wellbeing, the Bay Area, and pretty much anything else of interest to us that may be of use to you.

Including the kittens, once we have them corralled.


Austin Yu – Musical theater aficionado and world’s best dog dad to a shepherd mix named Grr. By day, Austin’s the Product Marketing Manager for Sequoia. He wants to get Grr a kitten because he loves interspecies animal friends.