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High Tech In Fashion

Wearable technology is primarily designed from an engineering perspective. We can choose between wearable bands or sleek watches with big faces that sync to a smartphone and collect health data. While the smart watch options are plenty, the fashion statements made...

401(k)?  More like 401(yay)!

You just got a great job that pays well and offers the kinds of health benefits that your mom would be happy about.  The company refrigerator is fully stocked and your calendar is already peppered with happy hours for the foreseeable future. Life is pretty good....

Come Through (or Welcome to our blog!)

The following confession may not seem like a big revelation, and it may not impart any life-changing nuggets of wisdom on you as a reader of our newly-minted blog.  Still, I thought disclosing this little fact would be the best way to introduce this blog, as well as...